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NJ98 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Mechanical Switch Version

NJ98 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Mechanical Switch Version

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Magnetic Docking Screen

keydous nj98 keyboard black screen and knob

Customizable Screen

Cutomize the little screen with your favorite images,adding a little enjoyment to relax your mind amidst the heavy workload.

  • A maximum of 8 images(3 gif and 5 static) can be uploaded and interchanged.
  • Shows time, battery, connection, Caps lock and Numlock by default

Handy Calculator

Conveniently and swiftly perform a quick calculation on the screen. Streamline your workflow by instantly calculating on-screen, eliminating the necessity of searching for a calculator or utilizing the computer's calculator.

Features Of NJ98 keyboards

showcase of brass plate version of NJ98 keyboard

Hot Swappable PCB

Enables convenient switch swapping to customize typing feel without the need for soldering. Compatible with popular 3 & 5 pin switch variants on the market.

NJ98 Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard - Mechanical Switch Version - Keydous® Store

PBT Keycap

Chosen high concentration of PBT material delivers a delicate touch reminiscent of fine sand. It is long-lasting and less susceptible to oil and yellowing over extended usage. The sharp and vivid legends resist fading.

NJ98 keyboard side lit keycap taro ice cream switch

South Facing RGB

Enhance enjoyment with the 16 types pre-set or customized static/dynamic light effects. Adjust brightness and speed to suit your preferences.

MAC Layout

  • FN+M to enter/exit MAC layout
  • FN+F to switch the standard or mac multi-media functon in F row.

Note: MAC Keycaps are available with whitepale greenDark-black case and Dark-white case versions.(update on March 7).

Bluetooth+2.4Ghz+wired connections

Optimize Your Workflow: Effortlessly Switch Between Five Devices with Stable Bluetooth 5.0.

Switch+PCB+bottom Foams

Reduce the typing noise for a better typing sound. INOAC PORON foams for PCB and bottom foams.IXPE switch foam

8000mah battery

Up to 800 hours usage, less charging by the long battery duration.

Switch Specification

  • BOX Strawberry Ice Cream(linear)

    Light resistance with less typing noise.Suit for office use.

    • Pre-lubed: yes
    • material: full POM
    • operating force: 37±10gf
    • Pre-travel: 1.7±0.4mm
    • Total distance: 4.0±0.3mm
    • Sound Level: low
    • Material: Full POM
  • BOX Blueberry Ice Cream(Speed Linear)

    Speed linear switch with faster reaction.Performs better in games.

    • Pre-lubed: yes
    • Operating Force: 40±10gf
    • Pre-travel: 1.0±0.4mm
    • Total distance: 3.5±0.3mm
    • Sound Level: low
    • Material: Full POM
  • BOX Taro Ice Cream(Linear)

    Light resistance with faster reaction.Brighter RGB with the LED pipe by converging the light.Suit for gaming and office.

    • Pre-lubed: yes
    • Operating Force: 37±10gf
    • Pre-travel: 1.3±0.4mm
    • Total Distance: 3.5±0.3mm
    • Sound Level: low
    • Material: Full POM
  • BOX Coffee Ice Cream

    Tactile switch with tactile feeling ahead.Brighter RGB with the LED pipe by converging the light.

    • Operating Force: 37±10gf
    • Pre-travel: 2.0±0.4mm
    • Total Distance: 3.6±0.4mm
    • Pre-lubed: Yes
    • Sound Level:medium
    • Material: Full POM
  • BOX Deep Sea - Islet(silent Linear)

    Mute typing sound less than 30db.

    • Pre-lubed: yes
    • Pre-travel: 1.8±0.4mm
    • Total travel: 3.6±0.4mm
    • Sound Level: mute
    • Suit for: gaming/ office
  • BOX Autumn (Clicky)

    • Sound level: loud
    • Material : Translucent PC / POM
    • Operating Force : 50±15gf
    • Pre Travel : 1.8±0.4mm
    • Total Travel : 3.6±0.3mm
    • Tactile Force : 55±10gf
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Switch Typing Sound

Steel Plate VS Brass Plate

Steel Plate

  • produce a louder sound
  • sturdy and durable
  • Silver interface

Brass Plate

  • Produce a deeper sound
  • high quality gold yellow outlook
  • slightly heaiver than steel plate
Main page of keydous driver software

Multi-functional Driver

Customize the keyboard in further

  • Easy setup of keybindings / marcos and RGB
  • Download or share the keybindings or light effects
  • Supports MAC and Windows system
  • Onboard memory to run the saved settings in any computer
Driver Download

NJ98 Specifications

Compatiable System:

  • Wired Mode: Windows 2000/xp/vista/7 and above, MAC OS and Linux
  • Wireless Mode:Win 7/IOS 7/MAC OS 10.10/Android 4.4 and above

Demension: 403*138*40mm

Net Weight:1.4KG

Battery: 8000mAh Li-battery

Polling Rate

  • Bluetooth mode:125Hz
  • 2.4ghz/wired mode: 1000Hz

RGB&screen always on: 29 hours

Power Saving Mode(RGB&screen off): 800 hours

Note: lab test result. The actual lasting time may be vary from the actual using situation.

  • USB cable operating voltage: DC 5V
  • USB cable operating current: 30-300mA(without charging)
  • NJ98 Keyboard *1
  • Switch & keycap puller *1
  • USB type-c Cable *1
  • Dust cover *1
  • 2.4Ghz Dongle *1

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Amazing Keyboard

I have two of these keyboards now and I absolutely love them! (I'm hoping to buy more).
Shipping was so quick too, it got to my place in 4 days. Actually crazy shipping. I'll keep ordering more of their keyboards cause they're just too good

Are Dub
Beautiful Keyboard

Exquisite keyboard with amazing soft keystrokes when typing. Shipping took awhile but it arrived in great shape. Only key that's slightly loud is the larger spacebar related to general size. Otherwise amazing keyboard

Anne-Marie Janvier
Perfect Keyboard

i love it

Rivaldi Bagas


Nam Le

NJ98 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Mechanical Switch Version