How to Customize the Screen for Keydous Keyboards?

The LCD screen is equipped with TFT(Thin Film Transistor), a type of display technology offers several features that make it popular for various applications.TFT screen offers a combination of high image quality,fast response times, wide viewing angles and energy efficiency, making them widely used in various consumer electronics and industrial applications.

You can upload your DIY contents or GIF images to the screen throught the keydous driver,

Note: the text is applicable only to the keydous keyboards with screens, like NJ98 / NJ81 / NJ68 Pro

1. Upload Your DIY Contents in the Sketchpad

Create content for keyboard with screen in keydous driver

You can create contents in the pixel sketchpad and upload it to the screen,it will be a static picture with a single frame. You can create a GIF content by click ''add one frame'' in the list.Up to 50 frames can be added in the GIF content.

You can zoom in the sketchpad by rolling the mouse wheel when the mouse point is placed in the sketchpad area.The thickness,color[stroke color] of the drawing pen can be adjusted in the above list. Choose the 'rubber' to clear the specific area in the drop lost of ''paint tool''.

2. Upload a Existing GIF Image

Create content for keyboard with screen in keydous driver

You can click '' select picture'' to upload a picture in your PC device and preview it.the content can be uploaded directly or modified at first.

The display speed of the GIF can be adjusted by changing the value in the option of ''delay''

Static/Dynamic Layers

Now 3 GIF images and 5 static images can be uploaded to the screen of NJ98 keyboard. NJ81 only supports 1 image. NJ68 Pro supports 1 GIF and 5 static images.

Select the according layer when upload the pictures, FN+delete to switch the displaying picture in the screen.Click '' clear '' to clear all picture layers.

Note: the content can be only uploaded in the wired mode.

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