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NJ98-CP Rapid Trigger Gaming Keyboard - HE Magnetic Switch

NJ98-CP Rapid Trigger Gaming Keyboard - HE Magnetic Switch

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Ultra fast gaming keyboard with hall effect magnetic switch, adjustable switch actuation that crafted for better performance in FPS, rhythmic games.

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Hall Effect Magnetic Switch

Customizable key travel, achieving multiple triggering experience with a single key.

Adjustable actuation

Adjustable range of the switches from 0.2mm to 3.7mm with precision of 0.1mm.

Rapid Trigger

Activate and restore upon switch press or release.

Dynamic Key Stroke(DKS)

Triggers 4 distinct keys sequentially with one key press and release.

South-facing RGB

Vivid RGB backlight enhances your battlestation's atmosphere.

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth, 2.4ghz and cable modes increase flexibility of the using scenes.

Dynamic Key Stroke

Keys are triggered at various stages and key press resistance. A maximum of 16 keys can be activated in order at each stage.In gaming, the Q key can trigger walking with a light press and running when fully pressed. Alternatively, create a combo for Q+W to run and activate a skill for defeating opponents. This feature optimizes skill combinations for improved gameplay.

Dynamic Key Stroke

The key stroke can be continually triggered when it reaches to specific stage, stop when nexpt key is triggered in a new stage. E.g: In games, you can set ‘A’ to be triggered continually to keep running when ‘A’ key is pressed down fully, and then trigger ‘F’ when ‘A’ key is released to use the game skill of ‘F’.

NJ98-CP Rapid Trigger Gaming Keyboard - Hall Effect Magnetic Switch - Keydous® Store
NJ98-CP Rapid Trigger Gaming Keyboard - Hall Effect Magnetic Switch - Keydous® Store
keydous nj98 keyboard black screen and knob

Magnetic Docking Screen

Upload your favorite images to cutomize the little screen,adding a little enjoyment to relax your mind amidst the heavy workload.

  • A maximum of 8 images(3 gif and 5 static) can be uploaded and interchanged.
  • Shows time, battery, connection, Caps lock, and Numlock by default

Handy Calculator

Conveniently and swiftly perform a quick calculation on the screen.

NJ98 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Mechanical Switch Version(Not compatible with magentic switch) - Keydous® Store

Aluminum Alloy Knob

Clickable | Programmable | Replaceable

  • Unlimited rotation with soft tactile turning feedback.
  • Turning left or right to adjust volume, pressing down to mute.
  • Customize its function to meet your demand for improve your productivity.

MAC Layout

  • FN+M to enter/exit MAC layout
  • FN+F to switch the standard or mac multi-media functon in F row.

Note: MAC Keycaps are available with whitepale greenDark-black case and Dark-white case versions.(update on March 7).

Bluetooth+2.4Ghz+wired connections

Optimize Your Workflow: Effortlessly Switch Between Five Devices with Stable Bluetooth 5.0.

Multi-function Driver

  • Easy setup of keybindings / marcos and RGB
  • Download or share the keybindings or light effects
  • Supports MAC and Windows
  • Onboard memory to run the saved settings in any computer

NJ98-CP Specifications

Compatiable System:

  • Wired Mode: Windows 2000/xp/vista/7 and above, MAC OS and Linux
  • Wireless Mode:Win 7/IOS 7/MAC OS 10.10/Android 4.4 and above

Demension: 403*138*40mm

Net Weight:1.4KG

Battery: 8000mAh Li-battery

Polling Rate

  • Bluetooth mode:125Hz
  • 2.4ghz/wired mode: 1000Hz

RGB&screen always on: 29 hours

Power Saving Mode(RGB&screen off): 800 hours

Note: lab test result. The actual lasting time may be vary from the actual using situation.

  • USB cable operating voltage: DC 5V
  • USB cable operating current: 30-300mA(without charging)
  • NJ98-CP Keyboard *1
  • Switch & keycap puller *1
  • USB type-c Cable *1
  • Dust cover *1
  • 2.4Ghz Dongle *1

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Erek Gilbertson
Great Keyboard

Love the keyboard, it's very responsive, just wish the software had better features and the switches had north facing lighting so I could use normal shine through keycaps

incredible tech

UI for the driver could use some work but the hardware is immaculate!

Amazing Keyboard

An amazing keyboard with one of the most beautiful switches I have tried! The only thing to be improved from my point of view is the software to manage the keyboard and the time it takes to recognize it, furthermore, the ability to do firmware update when the keyboard is connected using cable and before were connected using WiFi, I can't understand why is needed to unplug the receiver from the PC. But these are little things that don't compromise the use and the beautiful feeling that the keyboard conveys. Worth mentioning the build quality, really impressive!

Heddy Tyas
NJ98-CP Pro

Amazing, very smooth, like it

Chana Yaghoubi

NJ98-CP Rapid Trigger Gaming Keyboard - HE Magnetic Switch