How to Pair the Wireless Connection for Tri-modes Keyboards

Keydous keyboards are having 3 connections modes, including the Bluetooth, 2.4ghz and wired mode. Up to 3 devices can be connected to Bluetooth. The detachable Type-c cable achieves the plug and play.This article will mainly introduce the ways to setup the wireless connection for your keydous keyboards.


 Combo Index

NJ68/NJ68 Pro

  • FN+Q/W/E = Pair to the Bluetooth connection
  • FN+R = Pair to the 2.4ghz connection
  • FN+T = pair to the wired mode



  • FN+ 1/2/3 = Pair to Bluetooth connection
  • FN+4 = pair to 2.4ghz connection
  • FN+5=pair to wired mode


Pairing Methods

We will take NJ80 keyboard for the example.for the FN combos, please press FN at first or the FN combos may be active.


A). Bluetooth Mode

Long press FN+1 for 2-3 seconds, and then the blue light of 1 key will blink in short interval, it means the keyboard enters Bluetooth searching status, then you can find it in the Bluetooth list of your device, select the BT 5.0KB[Win7 is BT 3.0KB] to pair the devices by Bluetooth, then the first device is paired.Pair the second and third devices by repeating the steps like the first device.


B). 2.4ghz Mode

As the dongle was paired to the keyboard during the QC process, so shortly press the FN+4, when the green light blinks in slow, then just insert the dongle to the PC to pair the 2.4ghz mode to complete the pairing.


If you need to re-pair the 2.4ghz dongle and connect it to a new device, please follow the steps as below,

  • Remove the 2.4ghz dongle
  • Long press FN+4 to make the green light of 4 key blink in short interval
  • Insert the dongle again to complete the pairing

 C). Wired Mode

The detachable cable ensures to plug and play. The keyboard will be automatically switch to wired mode when the cable is plugged in or switch to it by press FN+5.



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