Introduction to NJ98-CP keyboard - Rapid Trigger with Magnetic Switch

What is a magnetic switch

It adopts the Hall effect triggering technology, breaking free from the physical contact limitations of traditional triggers of mechanical switch. It has customizable key travel, achieving multiple triggering experience with 1 switch. The actuation range can be adjusted from 0.2-3.8mm.

Trigger mode introduction

The magnetic keyboard has preset 3 modes: Comfort, Sensitive, and Game mode. In Comfort mode, the key feel and trigger travel of the switch are similar to common linear switch. In Sensitive mode, the default trigger travel of the switch is 0.5mm, significantly speeding up the triggering process. In Game mode, the default RT mode is enabled for all keys, allowing for faster continuous triggering, enhancing your performance in games. You can also customize the trigger travel of individual keys and whether to enable RT mode based on your needs.

Trigger testing

You can visually test the travel of the switch in a virtual representation.

Key layer settings

The keyboard has two preset key layers, switchable by the hotkey Fn+0. If you need two key layers for daily and gaming use, one keyboard can provide the experience of two.

RT mode introduction

The quick-trigger function of the RT mode allows for faster reset and re-entry than traditional mechanical keyboards. Due to the magnetic switchhaving no fixed trigger and reset travel, setting the reset point and trigger point freely can achieve extremely fast triggering and recovery speeds. After setting in the driver, lifting the finger slightly resets the key, and pressing down triggers it continuously and quickly. This is particularly useful in shooting games and rhythm games like OSU!, where continuous rapid triggering of the same key is needed.

Dynamic key stroke -DKS mode

Supports setting 4 key triggers for a single key, depending on your setting mode. Lightly pressing triggers 1 key, pressing deeper triggers 2 keys, and lifting also supports setting triggers at both ends. For example, in the game Valorant, if a 'quick stop' is needed for a rapid attack, it can be achieved by using the dynamic key function of DKS, setting a light press of the W key to trigger W, and lifting to trigger S, allowing a quick press of another key to perform the 'quick stop' operation after getting used to it.

Dynamic key stroke -MT mode

A single key achieves 2 functions, triggering different keys when held down and clicked. For example, setting the A key to trigger S when clicked and D when held down, meeting your gaming operational needs.

Dynamic key stroke -TGL mode

Clicking the key can switch continuous triggering on or off. Holding the key triggers normally. Clicking the key has 2 triggering modes: enabling long press triggers continuous triggering, and enabling rapid fire triggers continuous key presses.

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